Your Unique Love Story Authentically Captured. 

Your Unique Love Story
Authentically Captured. 



Embark on Your Next Chapter

From Engagement to Happily Ever After:
Documenting Your Journey

Your wedding day marks the beginning of an epic adventure into forever. With such magic between you, why not opt for photographs as rich and vibrant as your connection? 

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My role as your wedding photographer is to be a calming yet fun presence to help you relax and enjoy your day. You’ll be able to live in the moment with the comfort knowing that I’m there capturing it at all.  Thirty years from now, you will look back at your photographs and feel the joy of all the moments big and small all over again.

 I will be there to make you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.

I promise to capture the candid, in-between moments you might otherwise miss.

I will hold a safe space for you and your partner to be 100% yourself and let your personalities shine through.

I will treat your loved ones with as much love and respect as I would want for my own.


Hi, I'm Allison

a hopeless romantic at heart


Savor the Joy and Stay Relaxed on Your Big Day

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with love and laughter, and you deserve to fully soak in the magic without stress or worries. From candid shots to capturing those heartfelt moments, my focus is on preserving the essence of your day while you enjoy of every moment. 

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All collections come with at least 8 hours of coverage and an unlimited number of fully-edited images delivered within 3 weeks of your wedding day.


Savor the Joy and Stay Relaxed on Your Big Day

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with love and laughter, and you deserve to fully soak in the magic without stress or worries. From candid shots to capturing those heartfelt moments, my focus is on preserving the essence of your day while you enjoy of every moment. Let us handle the details while you enjoy the blissful celebration you've always dreamed of.

chill vibes only

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All collections come with at least 8 hours of coverage and an unlimited number of fully-edited images delivered within 3 weeks of your wedding day.



 "her work leaves me breathless!"

I wish I could give Allison 100 stars!  She is THE best photographer and most amazing person to work with! Allison is so talented and her work leaves me breathless! I had the pleasure of meeting Allison at my best friends wedding in September 2020, during the craziness of Covid. On top of her excellent photography skills and imagination, I remember her being so accommodating and helpful to the bridesmaids and especially the bride when her dress broke! Allison did not hesitate to help fix the dress. My friends pictures came out BEAUTIFUL! Fast forward to my engagement in March 2021. Without hesitation, Allison was the first vendor I booked for my April 2022 wedding. My husband and I did an engagement photo shoot in downtown Collingswood, and Allison made us feel so comfortable. These photos came out beautifully. Thanks to Allison and her assistant Tara, our wedding day photo schedule was seamless and the photos turned out to be even more magical than we had ever imagined. They both captured every single moment and every emotion of our guests and family members who were celebrating with us. Josh and I will be forever thankful to Allison, Tara, the talent they possess, and their genuine kindness!

Drew & Josh

 "It was like she was a longtime friend"

We cannot say enough good things about Allison-she is amazing. Allison is so personable. It was like she was a longtime friend. Finding a photographer was something I put off as I am not one who likes to get my picture taken. But after just one phone call with Allison, I felt at ease. We did our engagement session with Allison this fall and after just a few minutes, we felt extremely comfortable. She made the session fun while capturing so many incredible photos. She was even patient with our dog (who was so poorly behaved!) On our wedding day, she was very organized and made the picture taking process enjoyable. Once the reception started, she blended in with the guests. The next morning at brunch, she sent us sneak peak pictures and everyone loved looking at them. A week after that, she sent us even more pictures! Every picture is stunning. The posed pictures are just beautiful, but the candid shots she was able to get will help the memories from our special day live on. Thank you for everything, Allison-you are truly the best!

Leigh Anne & Chris

 "we were a bit nervous and Allison put us at ease"

Allison is truly so amazing at what she does! She is kind, patient, creative, and very talented. At our engagement session, we were a bit nervous and Allison put us at ease. We spent the whole time laughing. She went to several stops with us and made sure that our photos turned out beautifully and represented us as a couple. Leading up to the wedding, Allison was calm and so professional. She made sure our timeline was set up, accommodating our very large families and also taking into account the heat. Allison really listened to us and paid attention to what we needed. She encouraged us to take in the moments of our wedding and we so appreciate that! My husband tore his Achilles’ tendon 6 weeks before our wedding. He was in a boot and had recently started walking without crutches on the big day. Allison made sure he could sit down when needed. She is so brilliant at what she does you don’t even notice the boot in our photos. She truly delivered for us every step of the way! We are so grateful to Allison for capturing our best day ever so perfectly!

Shelly & Devin

Where to even begin? Allison is a true dream when it comes to a wedding photographer (and person)! When we started looking into photographers, Allison’s work jumped out at us right away. When I reached out to Allison, she immediately met with us to go over her work and what we could expect if we decided to work with her - we felt so connected to her and knew she had to be our photographer. She was so flexible when we had to reschedule our engagement shoot due to inclement weather, and she put us so at ease when we finally were in front of her camera. I was so nervous but every shot was beautiful and truly captured the love and fun that we were experiencing in the moment!! When it came time for our wedding I had no worries at all that Allison was going to do the most amazing job. She is so kind, fun, and genuinely happy to be part of your day. She made us feel so relaxed and taken care of on our big day, and she will do anything to get the shot - including laying in the tall grass to get the sun just right. We can’t say enough good things about Allison - she truly is the best!!!

 "She made us feel so relaxed and taken care of on our big day"

Emily & Jamil

From the first look at Allison's book we knew we wanted to hire her, and then meeting her only confirmed our impression. Allison is a true artist and an amazing human being. She takes wedding photography to a whole new level. My husband and I were talking the night after the wedding and agreed that it takes a special kind of person to be a wedding photographer because you need to not only have an amazing eye for photography, but you need to understand how to manage people and the stress that they can endure during the wedding process. Both Allison and her assistant, Eric, have that special quality a million times over. They were my saving grace throughout my wedding. They helped me keep it together when I started to get nervous or upset about tiny details or family not doing exactly what I wanted/needed in a particular moment. They were able to keep me focused on the big picture, or even distract me when I needed a moment of that. And all the while, they were taking the most extraordinary photographs. There truly is no one I would have rather had with me on this most special of days, and I can't thank Allison enough. I'm so happy that our wedding brought her into our lives, as she is now more than just our photographer; she is a friend.

 "she is now more than just our photographer; she is a friend"

Jennifer & Bryan

 "she calmed my nerves with her quickness, kindness, and professionalism"

Allison is simply amazing. You cannot go wrong if you book with her!! I cannot express my sincere gratitude toward her enough! From the minute I talked to her I knew she was going to be awesome to work with. She was very detailed about her process for wedding day photos and her experience alone was impressive.  The day of the wedding, she came to my Grandfather’s where I was getting ready and she did her thing and kept things running smoothly and certainly calmed my nerves with her quickness, kindness, and professionalism.  She knows exactly what she is doing and could probably do what she does in her sleep! I am amazed and grateful at how well she worked with my family and bridal party to make sure all the photos were done as quickly and as perfectly as possible. She was there to capture such beautiful moments, she calmed my 3 year old niece down and got her to cooperate, and she calmed my inconsolable father. So many of my guests commented on how great and professional she was and that really validated my decision to have her be our wedding photographer (even though I already knew I made the absolute best decision ever!) . At the end of the night when she told me she was leaving, I cried because she became more of a friend to me and I will forever be grateful for her and all the amazing moments and photos she captured. Allison, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything!!! You are the epitome of beautiful photography and professionalism. 

Maddy & Colton

 "Allison was a calming presence amidst the whirlwind of activity"

From the moment I first spoke with Allison, I knew she was the perfect photographer to capture our wedding day. Her warmth, friendliness, and genuine enthusiasm immediately put my husband and I at ease. It wasn't just another business transaction; it felt like we were talking to a trusted friend. Throughout the entire process, Allison was incredibly professional and organized. She was responsive to emails and phone calls, and she always took the time to answer our questions and address any concerns. But what truly sets Allison apart is her talent and passion for photography. She has a unique eye for capturing the raw emotions and genuine moments of a wedding day. Her photos are not just beautiful; they tell a story, capturing the joy, the love, and the laughter of our special day. On the day of the wedding, Allison was a calming presence amidst the whirlwind of activity. She expertly managed to capture all of the important moments, from the getting-ready photos to the first dance, without ever feeling intrusive. She even went above and beyond by helping me get into my wedding dress! The final photos were beyond anything we could have imagined. They were absolutely stunning, capturing the essence of our wedding day perfectly. We are so grateful to Allison and her assistant Kelly for giving us these precious memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. If you are looking for a wedding photographer who is not only talented and professional but also warm and personable, then look no further than Allison McCafferty Photography. You will not be disappointed!

Maileen & Charles

 "Allison's energy will make you feel like you've known her forever"

Allison is not going to let you miss the shot. No matter what. Allison is THE BEST in every way possible. I could not have had more fun spending time with her on my wedding day. I am camera-shy and have never had professional photos taken before, which I assumed would make for some awkward looking pictures...I was wrong about that! Allison's energy will make you feel like you've known her forever, instantly putting you and your family/friends at ease in front of the camera. She works incredibly quickly, coming up with the right shots and flattering angles in literal seconds. We truly could not believe that the amazing pictures she was showing us had been taken so seemingly effortlessly, and at a speed that meant nobody was standing around! I chose Allison to photograph my wedding when I saw how happy and bright her work is- she really brings out the color & light in the people and atmosphere she shoots. The pictures are spectacular, and I feel so strongly that she captured the love we were all feeling that day, the essence of who we are as people, and the happiness that will be felt whenever we think of our wedding. Thank you Allison for letting our wedding live on in pictures the exact way I hoped it would- if not better.

Annie & Jimmy

 "She captured our love and day perfectly"

I wish we could give more than 5 stars! Words cannot describe how much we loved working with Allison. She is so amazing! She made the wedding day go seamlessly! Meeting her for the first time at our engagement shoot felt like we knew her forever, she made us feel so comfortable! She is the kindest person who is amazing at her job! EVERYONE loved her! Our bridal party, parents and guests were talking about how kind and amazing her and Kelly were. Our pictures came out so amazing and we will cherish them forever. She captured our love and day perfectly. My sister is now using Allison for her 2024 wedding and we all can't wait!!!

Megan & Manny

 "Allison was such a joy to work with, she loves what she does"

Allison is absolutely phenomenal! When my husband and I were looking for photographers, we wanted someone whose photos were full of color, and once we saw examples of Allison's work, we knew we had to hire her. The preview photos that we received the next day blew us away, not too long after, we received our gallery. When we first watched the slideshow of our ~1500 photos, we were in tears. Each and every picture was stunning. We were in awe of Allison's skill to take the most beautiful pictures of us and our families. She captured every precious moment we shared with our parents, our bridal parties, our guests, and most importantly, each other. Allison was such a joy to work with, she loves what she does, and she is amazing at it. If you are in need of a wedding photographer, I highly recommend hiring Allison, you won't regret it!

Lauren & Ricardo

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