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 Wedding Day Emergency Kit

You have been planning your wedding for months, so you want everything to go as planned.  You think you have everything covered, until… you realize you need to cut the tags off your new bra, but don’t have any scissors.  Then, your maid of honor goes down because she has a pounding headache from drinking maybe a little too much wine at the rehearsal dinner, but no one has Tylenol.  Inevitably Aunt Flo strikes someone on the most inconvenient of days, but tampons don’t fit well in evening bags! What is a bride to do?

As your wedding photographer I pack a wedding day emergency kit.  I have used something from this kit at every wedding I’ve photographed.  Want to see what’s in it?  (I feel like this is a CVS Pharmacy commercial.  I bought almost everything there)

Bandaids – for cuts, scrapes and most importantly blisters from new shoes!

Baby wipes – baby wipes are the best!  They can clean away deodorant spots on dresses with ease, can serve as makeup removers or simply take care of a spot on your gown.

Umbrella – no one wants rain on their wedding day, but if it does happen to sprinkle (it’s good luck, right?) I’ve got you covered.

Nail file– did you break a nail?  Do you have a rough edge that keeps getting caught on your veil?  Files are handy to smooth nails out.

Tampons– let’s pray you don’t need one on your wedding day.  For real.

Lint roller- dark clothing is a magnet for animal hair & lint.  One quick swipe and your groom’s jacket is clean.

Visine- red eyes from partying the night before?   Allergies?  Dry contacts?  Visine is great in a pinch.

Tweezers– crazy eyebrow gone rogue?  Splinter?  Tweezers are handy for many situations.

Scissors– dress hanging straps are great when you want to hang up a dress in the closet, but seriously annoying when you’re wearing it and they’re always popping out.  Trim those suckers off and pin them back on later if you absolutely need them.

Advil/Tylenol– weddings can be stressful!  Lack of sleep from all of the excitement can cause headaches, too.  Advil gives some great relief.

Lighter– for candles that need to be lit or for ribbon that starts to fray

Cough drops– nothing could be worse than having a cough attack when reciting your vows.  Have a tickle in your throat?   Cough drop to the rescue.

Super glue– super glue is awesome.  For women with acrylic nails a broken nail can be saved with super glue.  A cut that won’t stop bleeding?  Super glue it.  Actually, the last wedding I did I gave out my super glue to one of the groomsmen who busted his chin open doing the worm.  These things happen.  🙂

TUMS– days of rich food can do a doozy on your tummy.  Nerves, too.  Minty tums can double as a breath mint, too!

Tide-to-Go stick– no one needs a stain on their shirt or dress.

Deodorant– wedding dresses are hot!  You need a good antiperspirant for the day.  Sometimes you need a touch up later in the day.  If you forgot to pack it, I carry a new one with me.

Bobby pins– you probably have about 200 bobby pins in your hair already, but if you have a hair astray I have plenty more.

Hair brush– if the wind is blowing, so is your hair.  Having a hair brush to smooth out your ‘do is a must!

Static Guard– I swear by this stuff.  I use it all the time.  Static is the worst!  You don’t want your satin gown sticking to your legs or stomach, you want it to flow beautifully.  Dry winter air definitely calls for some Static Guard.

Clear nail polish– clear nail polish will stop a run in your hose from spreading.

Safety Pins– if your dress is too long to dance in, or if a bra strap keep slipping, safety pins will provide a quick fix.

Nail Clippers– great for a quick trim

Chapstick– I always keep a new tube of chapstick with me.  It’s great for the men if their lips are dry.  No one wants cracked lips in pictures.

Dental wax – I used this stuff when I had braces and to prevent cuts inside my cheeks.  It’s also super for posing rings for that sparkly ring shot.

Sewing kit– buttons pop off, straps can be too long, hems need to be fixed.  Having a sewing kit available is super.  A few quick stitches looks much better than a metal safety pin.

Purell– the world is a dirty place.

Hair ties– as the night goes on, updos can start to fall.  I have hair ties for anyone who wants to finally get their hair out of their face.

Hair spray– don’t let your curls fall!  A few spritzes of hair spray will keep your look fresh on your wedding day.

Tissues– your wedding day is an emotional rollercoaster!  I have tissues for your weepy Mom… or for yourself.

Snacks– all too often brides forget to eat!  You don’t need to faint on your wedding day.  I always have a couple protein bars or fruit bars to perk you up.

Double sided tape– Hollywood Fashion tape is amazing.  It keeps your clothes where they are supposed to be.  This is especially helpful when it comes to strapless dresses that tend to slip down.  It also is great for  a quick hem fix.

Listerine strips– freshen up before your first kiss as husband and wife!

Mirror– want to reapply your lipstick?  Need to check your mascara before heading down the aisle?  A mirror is in my bag of tricks.


I want your wedding day to be a breeze.  Hopefully, you won’t need a thing in this bag, but if you do, I’m here.  Can you think of something that I’m missing in this bag of fun?  Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to add it to the list!


Wedding Photographers South Jersey – Allison McCafferty is a South Jersey wedding photographer serving the tri-state area.  Her non-intrusive nature allows her document your wedding day as it naturally 
  1. Kim says:

    This is a lifesaver and a great service that you provide to your clients!

  2. Willy says:

    This is a great list! A fabulous wedding photographer would come prepared to do her job and also be a reliable go-to for all kinds of wedding emergencies. You take being prepared to the next level. I would love to have a wedding photographer who is so thoughtful!

  3. Jo says:

    This is such a great list Allison! So great! I can’t wait to put a kit like this together next time I need it.
    Thanks for the helpful info and loved the picture showing it all.

    Great post, thank you!

  4. Love this – so practical, yet how many people would think of it!

  5. Kim says:

    What a wonderful service for your clients! I’m working on putting together a little “just in case” bag for family and child sessions. It’s so important to be prepared!

  6. Kara says:

    Fantastic ideas, thank you!!

  7. Kristin says:

    What a great read and a great list. Definitely necessary! You never know what you need to be prepared!

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